Design Technology

Design and Technology

At Chenies, we want to allow children to exercise their creativity through designing and making. The children are taught to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make a product. We encourage children to develop their own ideas for design through the taught curriculum, during playtimes and home learning. Evaluation is an integral part of the design process and allows children to adapt and improve their product, this is a key life skill which we encourage them to develop.  D&T allows children to apply the knowledge and skills learned in other subjects, particularly Maths, Science and Art. We want our children to develop the skills needed to lead a healthy lifestyle and provide regular opportunities for children to learn basic cooking skills. Whenever possible we try to make use of vegetable produce grown in school.

We follow a two year curriculum cycle across the foundation curriculum, ensuring that children cover all areas of the subject during their 2 years in a class.  This ensures all areas of the National Curriculum are covered and embedded.
Whilst our children are taught in a mixed class, different skills are developed in each year group as they progress through the school within each subject.
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