At Chenies we strive to foster an enjoyment of mathematics and to help children understand the place it has within their everyday lives and the wider world. We want our children to develop their ability to communicate mathematical reasoning and become critical thinkers who can confidently apply their mathematical knowledge to a variety of problems.

The teaching of mathematics follows the National Curriculum. A range of resources are used to deliver the curriculum and a range of strategies are implemented for the children to develop mathematical skills:

  • investigation and problem solving
  • interaction with others
  • questioning and explaining
  • reflection
  • consolidation of skills
  • application of skills and
  • exploration and experimentation
  • reasoning
  • challenge
  • communication
  • evaluation

Mathematics forms an integral part of the school curriculum, and is therefore relevant to other areas of learning. Where possible this is emphasised to the children and they develop their mathematical problem solving skills across different areas of the curriculum. 

Our Calculation Policies
As the children progress through the school, they learn different ways to calculate arithmetic questions.
Our policies demonstrate the processes we teach in each year group.  This ensures that children are always ready for the next step, with a solid understanding of how the calculations work differently.
You can view our Calculation Policies on our Policies page
Curriculum Overviews 
These overviews set out the main objectives covered across the academic year in each class.
When we teach Mathematics, the language we use is very important.  In school, the chidlren are taught the words appropriate for their age and encouraged to use the correct words when they explain answers (verbally and written) and in classroom discussions.
This document shows how the vocabulary we use progresses with the children's age.
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