At Chenies we strive not only to teach the children to develop a love of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, but to impress upon them the importance of these skills in their everyday lives. We want our children to develop a positive attitude towards communication and to use the skills we teach them to express  their emotions and ideas independently.

Our English curriculum follows a two cycle.  This ensures that all objectives are covered and embedded during the two years a child is in that class.  
The units covered are text based and are derived from 'Wordsmith' by Pearson.  Each term, children will develop their comprehension and writing skills whilst working from unit that are based on  fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts.  
We have allocated units from both of the year groups in the class, meaning that children access all units across their two years in an age phase (eg years 3 & 4 in Lower KS2).
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