Home learning tasks 8th June

Hello Hepworth!
It's been so lovely to see so many of you back in school this week - we have missed you lots and for those of you who aren't back - we still miss you and we are thinking about you.
For those of you who aren't in school, it would be lovely if you are able to share the work you do this week with us as we can then share this with the children who are here. 
We are very proud of all the work you are doing and all the activities that you're managing to do at home too. We can't wait to hear more about what you've got up to in these times. We hope you're managing to write some of your thoughts, feelings and what you've done in your journals.
This week's timetable of work and 'word of the day'  are below.
Remember to always check the timetable first for what we would like you to do.
Keep working hard, being kind, staying safe and smiling lots.
Have a good week