Home learning tasks 6th July

Hello Hepworth Class, 
We hope you are all well and staying as focused as you can.
We really are so very proud of you all for doing your school work as well as some of the other activities you're managing to do at home.
Just two more weeks until the summer holidays begin, so just two more weeks of keeping up with the work we are setting you.
We have been delighted to have received so many emails from some of you, showing us your work. We really are impressed with some of your writing and creativity within the subjects.  Please do keep sending these emails in.
Remember that we are still in school, therefore if you would like to talk to us, do let us know and we'll call you or send an email to mywork@chenies.bucks.sch.uk and we will respond to you.
Your timetable for the week is just below - as always, check any instructions on here.  Any resources you need will be further down the page.
We have not set any Spanish, but you can still use Languagenut and go over any of the work you have already accessed.
The Word of the Day document is attached below as always too.
Have a really great week, keep safe, keep working hard, be kind, have fun and keep smiling!
Mrs Tillyer, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Walker
Guided Reading
We have now come to the end of our Bug Club Comprehension work for the year.
Please now spend a minimum of 15 minutes reading your current book each day and choose an activity to complete from the task list below.
Make sure you choose a different activity each day and share some of your work with us.
You will need to work through the presentation below, using the sheets when told to do so.
Check the weekly overview for information about the resources below
Year 6 in school
Please ask Mrs Tillyer or Mrs Wilson for the password
Remember to check the weekly timetable for instructions each day.
Any resources you need are below
There are two video links below (week 3 and 4) for Year 5 & 6 from Bucks Music Trust.
Work your way through them and have fun! 
There is a text to read through, with questions to think about on the weekly timetable overview.
Please work through that, then use the resources below, when prompted.