Home learning tasks 27th April

Hello everyone!
We hope you all had a good first week back to home learning and have also had a lovely weekend. 
Thank you for sending us in some of your work to see.  We enjoy seeing how well you are working.  If you have any work you are proud of or any questions that you would like to ask about your work, do email the school and we will respond.
Your overview timetable for this week is below.
Remember to refer to this to see what you can be working on in each subject area. 
It is in here that we will tell you which resources to use, which can then be found in a section below, if there is not a link on the timetable.
Below is also the 'Word of the Day' document for this week.
Take a  look at the Shinobi words for this week - can you use any of them in your work?
Have a good week - work well, keep safe, be helpful, be happy and share some of your work with us!
Take a look at the weekly timetable overview for general instructions.
Below are any further instructions and resources that you will need, including a knowledge organiser with vocabulary and reminders.
Below are instructions for English lessons to go alongside the weekly timetable document. 
Remember to visit your Activelearn account to see the text 'The Eye of the Wolf'
Guided Reading
Your text for this week is available on your Activelearn account.
Below are the workbook pages for you to complete for days 1, 2, 4 and 5.
The videos to watch for Kodu are below.
If you are unable to use Kodu, please just watch the videos and plan how you would use what you have learned if you had access to Kodu.
See the instructions on the weekly overview.
Use the knowledge organiser here to help you.
Please see the information on the weekly overview for this lesson and use the resources below
Please see the weekly overview for information.
Resources are below.