Vision, values and ethos

Our Vision:

To provide an environment and learning experience that supports the development of happy, confident learners who take responsibility and pride in their community, their environment and themselves.

We believe our children are global citizens of today, and the future leaders of tomorrow, and that a high-quality rounded education is an essential part of every child building a sense of self, belonging and achievement.

To allow every child the opportunity to choose their future, our role at Chenies is to offer a balanced experience of wellbeing and attainment - for children, teachers, staff and parents.


Our Ethos:

  • To be a happy place to learn where every child is valued and enabled to achieve the very best they can
  • To be a place where our mental, emotional and physical well-being is recognised as critical for our happiness, development and attainment.
  • To be an inclusive community where children and staff experience a wide variety of opportunities, and have equal access to those opportunities. Where discrimination or bullying are not tolerated, and where compassion, community and civic responsibility are encouraged.
  • To nourish, cultivate and enjoy the environment that we live within, taking advantage of our rural location and the outdoor learning opportunities that help us to learn about and sustain the wider ecological system around us.
  • To be a place of nurture where all members of the community are encouraged to take an interest in the arts and sciences as motivated learners, curious about the world.
  • To be a place where we embrace new ideas, concepts and technology as we discover more about the world, and about ourselves as we prepare for our future education.
  • To be a place where a love of reading is nurtured.
  • To be a place where children create happy memories, nourishing relationships and achieve the highest levels of attainment that they can.
  • To be a community of inquiry that enables children to leave the school as confident, resilient individuals alert to the needs of society and with a compass that is guided by compassion and responsibility to others as well as to themselves.


Our values, which are fundamental to our expectations for pupils at Chenies School:








We are very proud of our school, its history and the village location with its beautiful countryside surrounding and believe our size allows us to foster a caring and engaging school, where each child is known and valued individually and is positively encouraged to harness a passion for learning.

We believe in a self-disciplined and hard-working approach and consider the home/school partnership essential to cement our values.  We have high expectations of all stakeholders including children, parents, carers, governors and the wider community to support our values both inside and outside school.

We believe our values positively support each child’s growth and maturity, preparing them for the future.