We are having a brilliant time!
Today we did Jacob’s Ladder, Survival skills, climbing, capture the flag and wacky races. 
The children have all had a go at everything and are enjoying the food and fun. 
They have slept well and listened to instructions and so far we haven’t had to take away the sweets!
We are all looking forward to tomorrow and most of the children are asleep already (10pm).
After having to wake up most of the children this morning, we had a great start to the day with abseiling and passport around the world (similar to orienteering). After lunch we all enjoyed going to the lake to build our own rafts. Every child ended up in the lake- I’m not sure what that says about their raft building skills! We also did crate challenge and we have had a quiz this evening. The children went to bed much earlier this evening and have all been wonderfully well behaved. 
It has been another brilliant day here at PGL and we have done a huge number of activities that we have enjoyed. We started off today with trapeze, where lots of the children were incredibly brave - jumping off a very high, small platform to grab a trapeze bar. We then did some sports activities which bought out our competitive spirit. After lunch we did aeroball and a vertical challenge activity where again lots of the children were very brave and really challenged themselves. We finished this evening with a photo challenge activity which resulted in some super teamwork and creativity. The children are exhausted but very happy and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. We are so proud of them all.