Behaviour Policy

Our behaviour policy is currently under review. 
Below are the documents we have shared with parents regarding our new systems and procedures.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

New Star Rules

We have amended the Star Rules to reflect expectations of pupils’ attitudes to learning. These have been shared with the children.

  1. Always show respect
  2. Think before you speak or act
  3. Work hard and be responsible for your own learning
  4. Allow others to concentrate on their work
  5. Support each other
  6. Be proud of yourself, your work and Chenies School


Changes to Reward and Sanctions

Stakeholders are collaborating to revise and amend our Behaviour policy.   Below are some details about the changes we have already introduced to the children this term:


Star Charts

Each child has been issued with a star chart in their house colour. When he/she completes work to a high standard for their ability, puts in additional effort, shows good learning behaviour etc. they will gain a star point in a box on their chart. These stars accumulate towards bronze, silver and gold certificates. After gold, there is a superstar award where they can choose from a list of treats.


Class Star time

Star time will be bespoke for each class; it may not always be in the form of an additional playtime.  Children will have to earn their reward as a class over time; rewards may be given because the class walked to assembly well, the class listened well; the class have kept their cloakroom tidy etc.  The children will be involved in deciding what their class reward will be.  These rewards cannot be removed once they have been given.  The reward schemes for each class are currently:

Sprite: earn parts to create The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Phoenix: earn body parts to create Mr Potato Head

Pegasus: earn gold coins

Griffin: fill a test tube with ‘nuggets



We have introduced a level system for different types of behaviour – level 1-5.  The sanction given will be suitable to the inappropriate behaviour, e.g. if a child does not apply themselves in a lesson, they will be kept in at break time to complete their work.  Attached to the Friday letter is guidance for the different levels or behaviour.


We appreciate this is a big change for children, parents and staff, and it will take time for it to be fully embedded within the school.  However, we believe there are many benefits to these changes and standards in behaviour and attitudes to learning will rise as a result.